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Frequently Asked Questions!!

What is Virgin Hair? How is it processed?

It has not been altered by dyes, bleaches, or chemical processes in any way. Hair is naturally steamed processed without the use of any chemicals to achieve the final look and texture/pattern.

What grade of quality virgin hair are you extensions?

We do not put a grade to our hair extension but ourvirgin hair extensions meet the quality standards of top grade 8a as we DO NOT mix blend the hair with synthetic hair fibers. We only sell 100% Human virgin hair extension. 

How long does the hair last?

Our virgin hair extensions have been tested by each texture and evaluated by our quality assurance team. With proper care, our virgin hair will can last you over a year.

Cuticle Direction?

Cuticles in each strand of hair are aligned in the same direction

How many Bundle will I need?

Remember, all bundles are sold by weight. The longer the length, the shorter the wefts. The more you will need. We've provided a chart with how many bundles you will need at the least per style and lengths.

How many ounces are each bundle?

Our bundles are weighed at 3.5 oz each or a little more.

Can you Dye/Bleach the hair?

Virgin hair can handle a coloring process but we advise consulting with a professional stylist to assure no damage is being done to the hair during the process.

Can the hair be straightened/Curled?

Yes, our hair can be staightened  or curled. Please be sure to use a heat protecting serum to avoid heat damage.

How do you take care of the hair? What products should I use?

We suggest that you wash your hair using a LUKE WARM water with a conditioning (sulfate and alcohol free) shampoo and deep conditioning at least one per week. Please allow hair to soak in Deep conditioner for at least 10 minutes before rinsing.  To keep the hair moisturized and curls deifined, use a light leave in conditioner and hair oil. Allow hair to air dry or use a low heat blow dryer. Avoid using heavy oils and styling products as product build up causes tangling.

1. Always handle the hair gently using a a loop brush or a wide tooth comb. Brush or comb the hair (working in small sections) from the tips to the roots. (Closures especially need to be handled gentl) in order to eliminate tangling and minimize shedding

2. Curly and Kinky hair should be kept moisturized with leave-in conditioners and curl activators to minimize dryness, frizzyness or tangling. Never comb Curly and Kinky hair unless it is wet and saturated with conditioner.

3. Do not use excessive heat (blow dryer or flat iron) as this will cause split ends and lead to breakage. Maintain your style by wrapping Straight hair, twisting/braiding Curly hair, and covering with a silk scarf/bonnet at night.



Why is my hair tangling?

Product build up, dirt, dry/brittle, or over processing your hair can result to tangling hair extension. Be sure to keep your extensions clean, conditioned and moisturized to avoid this. You do not want your hair extensions to dry out and become damaged to the point of no replenishing. 

Does the hair shed or tangle? Should I seal my wefts?

VERY MINIMAL TANGLING. Your own natural hair tangles BUT it should be very minimal if you're taking proper care of the hair. Make sure you hair is clean and moisturized as instructed in the directions above. Product build up, dry and brittle hair causes tangling which results into shedding. If the wefts are cut for installation, you must seal the ends. Unsealed ends WILL shed.

Can I swim in my hair?

Yes but recommend to braid the hair or put it in a ponytail to keep it from tangling. Follow through with a wash and deep conditioning after swimming.

Can I pick up my order?

No. At this time all orders are placed via our website and will be shipped directly to you.

When will my my hair be shipped?

Hair that is ordered by 5pm that business day will begin to be processed within 1-3 busines days with an additional 1-3 business days to be delivered to you.

How is the hair shipped? Where do you ship to?

All packages are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. We ship to anywhere in United States ONLY at this time. 

Can I return my hair? What is your return policy?

Considering the nature of our business, all sales are FINAL as we do not accept returns. We would appreciate if you can make all your questions and concerns clear before placing your order.

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